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Ntate Phakela

Ndine Ndawo Yam'

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PRESENTED BY : Ntate Phakela


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Frame None
Medium Fine Art Print
Height (cm) 85.1
Width (cm) 119.8
Artist Ntate Phakela
Year Created 2021

Ndine Nawo Yam' (2021) by Ntate Phakela

Print on Ilford Galerie FineArt Textured Silk 270gsm 

My mother loves Easter services. She made sure to bring us with this time around. I’m actually enjoining myself. I feel at home. I love the music, everyone sings so well together. My mother asked me to take a picture of her when they called them up. She’s graduating. She’s gets to wear the red garments now. I’m not quite sure what the differences are but I’m happy…I’m happy that she’s happy.