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Soliana Tewolde

Babur Kol-ut

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PRESENTED BY : Soliana Tewolde


R 30,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Digital printing on Ilford Fine Art Textured, Natural Tone, 270gsm, Variable Dimensions
Height 59.40 cm
Width 84.10 cm
Artist Soliana Tewolde
Year 2021

In the mountains of Nefasit sits one of the oldest trains in Africa. Built between 1887 - 1932, the Babur operates only on Sundays, and although it may be home to history, it is also home to various children. A small school was created to host orphaned children left in fate's hands. These children are curious and kind and, like many across the world, have dreams and hopes untampered by age.



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