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PRESENTED BY : Soliana Tewolde


R 30,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Digital printing on Ilford Fine Art Textured, Natural Tone, 270gsm, Variable Dimensions
Height 59.40 cm
Width 84.10 cm
Artist Soliana Tewolde
Year 2021

'Beles' is a fruit often referred to in the western world as 'Prickly Pear' however, neither its consistency nor its shape reminds me of a pear. Rather this fruit reminds me of the skill of the merchants walking up and down the mountains, their hard work as they toll away in the beaming sun, sweat trickling down their necks and back as they carefully contort their fingers around the fruit whose thorns stick out like fangs, waiting to nip away at the calloused hands of the merchants. From here, the fruit is gently freed from their thorns, carefully packaged into their chariots and hoisted onto their noble steeds, the ever-so-reliant Camal. The merchant living to see another day in the sun as he makes his way to the markets at sunset to meet the vendors who will guide the tolls of his hard work to their new homes in the bellies of children on warm summer days.

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