Winifrid Luena

Winifrid Luena

Winifrid Luena was born in 1992 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Luena works on various mediums including photography, printmaking and video art to address themes related to history, identity and individuality. Since 2016 he has been involved in various exhibitions both in Tanzania and abroad. Luena is interested in the psychological and sociological application of art and has won numerous awards including the Absa L'Atelier award, 2019.

His current body of work is a self-reflection on Winifrid’s continued shifting of states, perceptions, and ideas of living in response to adapting to changes in culture, reality and self-identity after moving from Tanzania to South Africa. He is immersed in telling the stories of his own country and documenting what was happening there – particularly during COVID-19. Parsing the Juncture: 110 Billion Praxis is based on the idea of embracing his shifting situation and living between two countries, while searching for ways to reconcile his twin realities – and those faced by people in Tanzania.

Creating works that allow him to communicate through conceptual art, photojournalism, and documentary work, put Winifrid on the path to gaining the fluidity of existence through merging his past and current experiences as he begins to engage with South African culture, society and communities.

Winifrid’s journey from artist to photojournalist and documentarian encompasses the three disciplines rather than progressing away from or toward one or another and sees him shifting between them, to better tell the stories that he feels need to be told, in ways that communicate them best. This exhibition celebrates this experience.

Winifrid applies vibrant, upbeat colours, expressive and minimal composition that evokes healing, transformation, harmony, and aliveness in this new chapter of his journey in life, as he hopes to shed light on important stories and bring real change to the people whose stories he shares.

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