How to buy on Latitudes Online

How to buy on Latitudes Online

With There are thousands of artworks by artists from Africa on Latitudes, and we want to make it easy for you to buy them.

Submit an Enquiry

Latitudes partners with leading galleries, curators, organisations and artists, and all our sellers have been thoroughly reviewed and approved by our team. All artworks have an Enquire button. When you find an artwork you are interested in, submit an enquiry through the button next to the artwork. This will be sent to Latitudes, and we will respond by introducing you to the seller. If you have any questions or concerns while speaking with a seller, you can contact us directly on [email protected]

Buy Now

Some works on Latitudes are available to buy instantly. If you see a Buy Now button, click this and the item will be added to your cart. Taxes and shipping will be calculated at checkout and your work will be delivered to you.

Bid Now

You can bid on works from across the continent in our curated and timed Latitudes Auctions. Bidding on Latitudes is simple. You need to create a Latitudes account and make sure you are logged in. When you see a lot you would like to bid on, place your bid by typing it into the box provided below the artwork information. If you win the lot, you will be sent a confirmation email at the close of the auction, and a representative from Latitudes will reach out to you directly about next steps.

access to the continent’s artistic talent and vast experience transforming public and private spaces, the Latitudes team is perfectly positioned to source and commission artwork for your projects.

As well as sourcing and commissioning artworks for residential and hospitality projects, our team works with corporate collections, museums and the commercial sector to create innovative strategies that share an organisations' brand and culture.

We specialise in curating art exhibitions and collections, developing interactive brand experiences, conceptualising custom interior environments, and creating bespoke solutions to promote, enhance and celebrate the businesses we work with.

Our vast network in the art and design worlds provide our clients with access to the top creative talent working across the African continent.

We pride ourselves in collaborating with a vast network of artists, makers and artisans, thus creating sustainable economic opportunities at grassroots level.