Ablade Glover-City Scape HSE40/22

City Scape HSE40/22

Jean-Baptiste Djèka-Isrê


Jean-Baptiste Djèka


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PRESENTED BY : Christopher Moller Gallery


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Medium Mixed media on canvas
Height 99.00 cm
Width 99.00 cm
Artist Jean-Baptiste Djèka
Year 2022

Djéka’s fascination with and veneration of women and of humanity’s intense connection to the earth is evident in this powerful depiction of how the artist sees womankind as being an infinite work of progress and perfection. The relevance of nature and its power is reflected in the subject’s ascension to the heavens in an energized and potent state. A degree of traditional African fetishism is also reflected in this robust piece where colours (like blue for spirituality) are specifically used to convey traditional notions

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