Boitumelo Lamola-Lady Liberated

Lady Liberated

Io Makandal-A study of falling in blue

A study of falling in blue

Jo Roets


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R 7,500.00 ex. vat
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Frame Framed in Kiaat behind glass
Medium Air-dired Clay
Height 36.50 cm
Width 36.50 cm
Artist Jo Roets
Year 2021
"Process: Clay sculpture that lights up under UV light. It is created from an air-drying clay medium which is rolled out until paper thin to create a delicate bass relief sculpture. Using unusual sculpting tools such as toothpicks and needles, the damp surface of the clay is scored with indents, holes, and incisions. The clay medium is manipulated to be as thin as possible, pushing it to its breaking point and encouraging it to warp in the process. This warping quality is unique to the artwork and unplanned. Inspiration: The fascinating microscopic worlds and inner workings that are less seen than the obvious outer realm which we observe with ease on a daily basis. An unseen place. A place of mystery and magic, a place of solitude and escape, and a place that can be rather abstract in thought. The feeling I had was of going 'inside' to find my own Inner Eden by searching for it on a microscopic level. I allowed myself to drift away into the abyss of patterns, abstract shapes, and the magical colors of the microscopic world. It became like a meditation on a cellular level and reminded me yet again how everything is connected."
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