B. Musah Swallah

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, B. Musah Swallah is a visual artist whose paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works render stories that reflect Ghanaian and African culture, values, and everyday life. Swallah uses art as a tool for self-expression, creating awareness, provoking dialogue, and transforming society. His artwork speaks to youth aspirations, urban environments, and globalization. Swallah was born and raised in the densely populated community of Nima, which is largely Muslim community, where people of different faiths live together harmoniously in the heart of Accra, Ghana. His paintings, murals, and mixed media works serve as tools that are designed to promote self-expression, create awareness, provoke dialogue, and transform society. His paintings reflect his experience in various African cultures and his main objective is to render the daily lives of people on canvas.

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There are currently no artworks by this artist available on Latitudes. Please contact [email protected] if you would like us to source works.