Ben Coutouvidis

Ben Coutouvidis

A dedicated painter whose unique and tactile craftsmanship is evident throughout his work, Ben Coutouvidis succeeds in communicating a particular mood, emotion or even atmosphere through seemingly mundane and ordinary objects and everyday scenes.

Coutouvidis describes his motivation to paint in his own words: "The departure point is always an encountered and experienced reality that allows for the exploration of different states of mind." His attraction to painting a wide range of subject matter from still life paintings, landscapes, street scenes to interiors is emotionally inspired, with the intention "to try distil the essence of a place, situation or object," says Coutouvidis.


1993: Group exhibition ‘The Savage Garden’ with Ian Nell, Leanette Botha and Alex Murphy – Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

1994: Landscape exhibition with Herman Niebuhr – Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

1995: Three-man-show with Sarah Ballam and Hermann Niebuhr – Grahamstown National Arts festival

1996: Masters Submission Exhibition with Hermann Niebuhr. Grahamstown.

1996: Group show, Primart Gallery, Cape Town

1997: Two man show with Hermann Niebuhr, ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg

1998: Group show, Cape Gallery, Church Street, Cape Town

2000: Group show, Penny Dobbie Gallery, Cape Town

2001: 'Karoo', two-man show with Hermann Niebuhr, Albertyn Stables Art Gallery, Cape Town

2001: 'Things', group exhibition with Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg

2001: 'Journeys', group exhibition with Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg

2002: 'Inside/outside', group exhibition with Carol Lee Fine Art, Johannesburg


ABSA Bank Rhodes University Collection Collection of the Institute of English Education in SA, Rhodes University Barclays International General Cologne Webber Wentzel Bowens Gerling Insurance

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