Clement Mohale


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PRESENTED BY : Clement Mohale


R 18,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Mixed media
Height 84.00 cm
Width 60.00 cm
Artist Clement Mohale
Year 2022

The work was inspired by children's innocence and the stillness they possess in their eyes. I employed watercolors, oil and acrylic paints on traditional white and acid free stretched canvas to create the work. I used abstract patterns on the work, which represents the uncertainty of life. But also which represents the ability to navigate through the patterns and patches of life. I used bright colors to bring out the mood and emotions of my subject. The work itself a reflection of on self and the ability to remain positive regardless of the situations and the flower represents hope, growth and new beginning. In essence the work communicates the childhood memories and series of emotions we went through.

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