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Daniel A. du Preez-Reach Out

Reach Out

Daniel A. du Preez


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PRESENTED BY : Daniel A. du Preez


R 22,395.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 0
Medium Paper, Wood, Foam board, Glue
Height 44.00 cm
Width 32.00 cm
Artist Daniel A. du Preez
Year 2022

This framed and ready to hang contemporary modern pop artwork is a one of a kind authentic, original artwork, derived entirely from my own observation and imagination.

Many layers of acid free textured cut paper are used to create depth and to bring this 3 dimensional artwork to life.

I framed this artwork with a modern white handmade boxed frame that was manufactured specially for this artwork, this frame have a Plexiglas front, this means the artwork is protected from ultraviolet light.

Thank you for looking at this artwork.

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