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Brett Rubin-The Unmoved Onlooker

The Unmoved Onlooker

Rai Gandra

RILF - Revolutionaries I'd like to fuck

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Medium C print from digital file
Artist Rai Gandra
Year 2016

Gudrun (Susanne Sachße), the main character of Raspberry Kingdom (Bruce la Bruce 2004), in one of the moments of the film states that “there is no revolution if it is not a sexual revolution” and that in turn “there is no sexual revolution if it is not a homosexual revolution”. As a fruit of the relationship between Pop Culture and Pornography we present RILF (a reference to the pornographic tag DILF - Daddy I’d Like To Fuck). The admiration for bodies gives way to fetishization and the transforming and libertarian spirit of the men represented. Although there are controversies regarding the individual relationship of each of these revolutionaries with the LGBTQI cause, there are rumors, on the other hand, and rumors are associated with the practice of the hyperlink – important aesthetic references in the construction of RILF.

3 motifs each edition.

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