Rai Gandra-RILF - Revolutionaries I'd like to fuck

RILF - Revolutionaries I'd like to fuck

Brett Rubin-Ghost in the Rainbow

Ghost in the Rainbow

Brett Rubin

The Unmoved Onlooker

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PRESENTED BY : Brett Rubin


R 22,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Ceramic print on glass
Height 50.00 cm
Width 60.00 cm
Artist Brett Rubin
Year 2018

Woman on roadside in Free State Province.

“Essentially, perspective is a form of abstraction. It simplifies the relationship between eye, brain and object. It is an ideal view, imagined as being seen by a one-eyed, motionless person who is clearly detached from what he sees. It makes a God of the spectator, who becomes the person on whom the whole world converges, the Unmoved Onlooker.”

Robert Hughes, The Shock of the New

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